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Top Quality Gold Thin Films from PlatypusWe use only 99.999% pure gold and titanium in our coating process, and coat only those
substrates that are stable under high vacuum.

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Table Top Electron Microscope The world's only Benchtop Electron Microscope with TEM SEM & STEM capabilities
Size Range from 2 nm & above

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Particle Size AnalyserBest innovative solution for particle size analyser
Size Range from 1 nm to 10 microns

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Zeta Potential Analyser A highly advanced analyser to explore the nano-world.
Size range 1 nm to 100 microns

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Contact Angle MeterHigh speed automated contact angle goniometer/ tensiometer with drop image advance software

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Particle Size & Shape Analyser Easy to disassemble , can modify the flow cell thickness.
Dry Powder & Wet Slurries
Size range from 200 nm to 1 cm

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Atmospheric Pressure Non Thermal Plasma Equipment Improve your surface treatment process ,Increase your production line efficiency

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Thermal Analysers Consumables Extensive selection of quality DSC Sample Pans in addition to general DSC, TGA Consumables

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Elemental Micro-Analysis Consumables We specialise in producing high quality consumable products for Elemental Analysers

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AFM Probes All kind of AFM probes Quality meets price

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About Labline

Labline is formed in 2004 by the group of scientists, engineers & consultants having more than 30 years of experience in the world of scientific instruments. Labline is a group of people with dedication to cater world of scientific instruments in Indian market. Our main aim is to offer state of the art scientific instruments to all customers with commitment of excellence in service & customer support.

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NSTC Nanotech 2018 (Conference and Expo)
Start Date 28th November 2018

Our products

Table Top Electron Microscope

We are leading supplier of TABLE TOP TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPE (LVEM5) includes TEM +ED+ SEM+STEM. Read more

Particle Size Analyser

We are leading supplier of NANO PARTICLE SIZE ANALYSER for dark & concentrate samples, IN - SITU ONLINE nano particle analyser. Read more

Zeta Potential Analyser

We are leading supplier of high resolution ZETA POTENTIAL ANALYSER based on Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE)... Read more

Contact Angle Meter/Goniometer

We are leading supplier of Automated GONIOMETER/TENSIOMETER including Tilting Base, Automated Dispensing System,... Read more

Particle Size & Shape Analyser

We are leading supplier of powder characterization for dry or wet samples, Complete SIZE, SHAPE & MORPHOLOGY measurements... Read more

Atmospheric Pressure Non Thermal Plasma Equipment

We are leading supplier of turnkey plasma treatment solutions, equipment & services to improve... Read more

Zeta Meter-Zeta Cad

Surface and large particles zetametry using streaming potential/current measurement Read more


We are leading supplier of cone & plate ICI viscometers for wide section of international industries. Read more

Surface Tensiometer

We are leading supplier of Surface tensiometer to measure Surface tension, Interfacial tension, Wettability .... Read more

Elemental Analysis Consumables

We are leading supplier of high quality consumable products for Elemental Analysers. Read more

Thermal Analysers Consumables

We are leading supplier of quality DSC Sample Pans, Consumables for your all Thermal Analysis like TA INSTRUMENTS . Read more

Gold thin Film

This eliminates concerns about contamination from previous coating runs. Read more

AFM probes

We are leading supplier of all kind of AFM probes like Tapping mode, Force modulation, Contact mode, Conductive mode, Silicon nitride, Gold coated, Magnetic, DLC, Calibration... Read more